Treno-Homid.pngTreno’s Homid form is average in height, skinny and weak but surprisingly sturdy, and yet somehow ridiculously attractive thanks to the genetic lottery and a minor nose job. His right ear is pierced in the cartilage, and his left has two piercings in the lobe; he has no tattoos.
Treno-Crinos.jpgTreno’s Crinos form is smaller than most other Garou, owing to his smaller overall Homid frame; his fur is a light grey in most places, but the back of his ears, his collarbones, and the tip of his tail are dyed a pale electric blue. Unlike a lot of new Glass Walkers, his fur isn’t styled, but he does brush it the few times he can manage to shift form in his downtime.
Treno-Lupus.jpgSimilar to his Crinos form, Treno’s Lupus form is smaller than most other Garou; also like his Crinos form, his fur is dyed on the back of his ears, on his shoulders and haunches, and the tip of his tail, in the same pale blue. His fur in this form is much shaggier than any other form, since he can’t brush it himself and feels uncomfortable asking another Garou to do so for him.


Age: 22
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Glass Walkers
Sept: Sept of the Green

Treno has had an oddly sheltered life; like most Garou, he’s always felt like a bit of an outcast, even within his own family, and preferred the quiet solitude of books to the isolated feeling that accompanied playing with the other neighbourhood children. His parents are deeply religious, so he spent every Sunday in a church pew until he was a teenager; up until two years ago, he still attended church regularly to stay in his parents’ good graces. Luckily, this was pretty easy; he rarely left the house to begin with, and most of his time was spent reading and doing homework prior to his first change six years ago.

After the change, he spent a great deal of time wrestling with his new life as a Garou; juggling his duties to the Sept as a cub with keeping up appearances to his family, learning Garou history and culture on top of his homework load, and balancing his desire for the feeling of belonging he has with other Garou in the wilds with the familiarity of the city he grew up in. He has a much more extensive social life online than off, passing off his experiences as a Garou as short stories in a small community of amateur supernatural writers.

Currently working his way through medical school at the insistence of his parents, and does some small modeling jobs now and then for extra cash. He’s not officially a doctor, he’s done a lot of research and practice with various treatments on his own time, and can preform limited emergency surgery (like stitches or object removal) so long as he has serviceable tools to work with. Much more willing to perform such treatments on Garou, where mistakes heal quickly (if not instantly), if for some reason magical healing is unwanted or unavailable.

As a combination of his stuffy upbringing and his desire to belong with the other Garou, he tends to be more passive and tractable than might otherwise be good for him; luckily for him, he’s naturally fairly likable and few people intentionally screw him over on purpose.

Unlike many Glass Walkers, Treno is fascinated by spirits of all kinds, not just those present in technology; he’ll happily talk with any spirit that wants to speak with him, though his inexperience with the Umbra leads him to treat them all about equally regardless of their rank or power. This has gotten him into surprisingly little trouble, though some of that is owed to more experienced Garou smoothing things over after his failures.

It’s only been in the two years that he’s felt any sort of real feeling of belonging with the Sept, mostly as a result of his tendency to treat Metis and Lupus Garou with condescension when discussing human society and inventions; their tendency to consider technology as akin to magic bothers him, and he frequently forgets that non-Homid Garou see human society as alien and confusing as he found Garou society at first. He’s slightly better about it now, but he is still frequently sarcastic when dealing with other Garou, which has a tendency to come across as rude or snobby to non-Homids.

Alexandria: Treno’s younger sister, age 20. More outgoing than her brother, and much more physically capable as well, she works at a small pub in their neighbourhood, and lives at the house their parents bought for them in South Calgary. Knows Treno is a Garou (though she prefers to call him a Werewolf) and has seen him in Crinos form twice by accident; covers for him to their parents during his Sept duties, and otherwise helps him keep his lives manageable.

Second Kinfolk TBD

Earl Caedmon: A lawyer and friend of the family, age 46. Well spoken and jovial, and a regular dinner party host when his case load dwindles. Treno frequently attends these parties to network, which he feels is a large imposition. Earl asks for frequent but small favours, like house-sitting for vacations or being chauffeur for a night.

Angela Dufrenne: A doctor at the Foothills Hospital, age 35. Has known Treno longer than he can remember, with an unchanging cold demeanor and dry sense of humour. He feels she understands him in a way no one else seems to, and frequently picks her brain or consults her medical book collection. She rarely asks him for much, but her requests are always great impositions.

Third ally TBS


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