Randall 7

Alpha of the White Wolves




Rank: 5
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Glass Walker
Alpha of the White Wolves

The Garou now calling himself Randall 7 was once an unrivaled warrior named Rolling Thunder in the deserts Arizona. In the mid 90’s Rolling Thunder tracked a very powerful Bane called The Netherling to Northern Alberta and battled it near the River Saskatchewan. Greviously wounded in the battle Rolling Thunder was only saved by the intervention and radically advanced technology of Zero. Unable to return home the garou now calling himself Randall 7 ,after the technology used to keep him alive, remained in Edmonton and aligned himself with the White Wolves.

At the turn of the millennium Randall 7 politically maneuvered himself into the position of Alpha, using his unparalleled wits and intelligence. Shortly after however his decisions seemed to become erratic and increasingly aggressive. Garou within the Sept of the White Wolves are currently divided on his leadership. Some believe his actions to be a long overdue reaction to the presence of the Wyrm in Northern Alberta. While others fear Randall 7 may finally be succumbing to his injuries and slipping into madness.


Randall 7

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