"I'll whisper to the skies"




“Many, many years ago, before the white man came to this part of the world, there was a great tribe of the wind-walkers who dominated this land and ran it like an ice-ridden empire. The mightiest of these was a shaman called She-Cries-Ice, who fought a terrible evil spirit. This evil spirit was called the Narlthus and could not be bound into anything of this world.

But She-Cries Ice whispered the sky and called down a stone from another world. The great shaman bound the Narlthus into this sky-stone and it struck the mountain with great force, thus burying the Narlthus completely. Legend says that the mountain lies but north of here and that one day, the Narlthis will rise again to defeat the children of She-Cries-Ice."

- Bill, Son of the Bear



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